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Accurate A/B Testing

With A/B testing, we can improve the open rates of your emails. We can also determine which days are best to deliver your content, most effective subject lines, and even click rates.

Email Automation

We provide you with enterprise-level automation. This will allow the automatic and timely delivery of relevant email campaigns to your subscribers and new customers.

Branding and Identity

Properly branding your business will improve your company’s credibility and customer retention. We create a well-designed logo and identity system to represent your brand.

Precise Email Tracking

We can track email opens and clicks with your campaigns. Using this information, it’s easy for us to measure subscriber engagement and make precise adjustments.

Social Media Integration

Integrating social media features will increase sharing of your email contents which will increase exposure. In addition, we can also link your emails to your company’s social accounts.

Corporate News

Newsletters are a very cost-effective way to increase communication with your clients. We send relevant updates on your behalf, designed to get high response rates.